We’ve been producing macarons since 2011 and our customers just can’t have enough of them! Our macarons are known for their flavour-loaded fillings and chewy shells, complete with our sophisticated packaging and customised gift bags. Naturally, only the finest quality ingredients are used to produce these delicious, colourful morsels! What’s not to love? 


Our macarons are usually available to order during holiday seasons. Please kindly contact us for more information. Thank you!








A box of 10pcs = THB 450
A box of 20pcs = THB 850



Available flavours:
Butter popcorn, sea salt caramel, bitter chocolate, tangy lemon, fragrant rose, chocolate mint, very Thai tea, mango passionfruit, cheesy cheesecake, raspberry, sour lime, milk chocolate caramel, matcha green tea, chocolate orange, classic vanilla, orange blossom